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You’re A Natural Foods Grocer Or Retail Partner Looking For Ways to Connect With Shoppers + Suppliers + Increase Your Basket Size

More and more, people who shop conventional foods are curious and serious about improving their health through better food, to Natural & Organic. Shoppers are ready to embrace cleaner products and are relying on their grocer to provide not only the products but information about the natural product or brand. They want a level of vitality that they’re not experiencing now.  As a result, they depend on doctors to fix what ails them and it may or may not work.

As a grocer, you work with suppliers you believe in but it’s challenging to call attention to their great products and missions. Not to mention, demos are expensive for suppliers, difficult to manage on the sales floor, and to schedule.

Natural Foods Grocery Shopping

You Understand The Challenges Of Sharing Important Messages – To Meet People Where They’re At, Online Or On the Aisles.

Your company has a mission you’re proud of and you want people to know about it.  You want to develop loyalty with your existing customers and attract new ones. Additionally, you want to support suppliers as much as possible. But who has the time?!

Shopping behavior is changing because of the amount of information available and a renewed focus on health and wellness. Shoppers are motivated to improve their shopping habits and now have higher expectations.  At the same time, they’re confused by the language and messaging in the natural foods category. Even so, they may be willing to invest more in their food budget but they want to know why. What is the story and mission behind the product? Where does it come from and how is it made? Transparency is just one of the multitude of buzzwords and marketing terms tossed around. The average shopper doesn’t understand the lingo yet wants those attributes and values. Information moves at lightning speed and attention spans are short resulting in information overload, frustration and confusion.

What If You Found A Way To Participate In A Community That Includes Shoppers And Suppliers In the Same Place?

In my 15+ years in the business I’ve worked in or with just about every aspect of natural and organic foods including – on the sales floor, in the back room, product conception to production to distribution, sales, marketing, and demos.  I’m passionate about this industry and all in all I’ve seen a disconnect/gap between consumer, brand, and retailer. With Fresh Look Foods, I work with brands and retailers to bridge that gap by telling the stories behind the companies and brands while at the same time demystify the grocery aisles.


My mission EMPOWERS shoppers to make healthy and smart decisions in their product selection. At the same time, NURTURES them with helpful information through product reviews + producer/brand profiles (virtual demos). We cover trends in food and the food industry, special diets and diet regimes, and translate industry terminology, phrases, buzzwords and the significance of these concepts.

Separate yourself as a leader and innovator among natural and organic retailers.

Partnering with Fresh Look Foods will help your visibility soar.

Our Product Reviews, Virtual Demos, Bi-Weekly Newsletter, Blog Posts and Giveaways all present unique opportunities for you to increase the touch points you have with savvy shoppers.

Ways to Participate

Our sponsorship package gives you coverage with website and blog post ads in addition to a feature in the newsletter and social media recognition.

As part of your sponsorship, a virtual demo (for the brand of your choice) will be created.

This unique opportunity allows you to promote the supplier of your choice to our audience.


Join us……we’ll learn and share and have some fun along the way!

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