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For The Natural Foods Brand Wanting To Introduce Their Products To Shoppers.

There is an emerging market of consumers who are ready to transition from artificial, highly processed foods to natural/organic un- or minimally processed foods. Their health and vitality is lagging; they’re making more and more visits to the doctor with no definitive answers.  They know of the natural foods market but don’t know where to begin.


You Want To Tell Your Brand Story And Stand Out In An Easy And Interactive Format.

It has become harder and harder to stand out in the crowd of natural and organic products.  Keeping up with Social Media, especially if you’re a small company, can be a full time job.  On-line is where people are going for answers; whether at home or in the aisles. Where and how do you reach them? Especially if you’re a small brand just trying to keep your head above water and your product consistent.  You’ve stuck to your mission and are using quality ingredients, sustainable business practices and are supporting causes important to you and maybe the industry.


Imagine A Forum Where You Can Spread Your Brand Message and Build Sales Without Breaking the Bank.

Would you like a central place to have your product reviewed and discussed. Would you like to have a demo option that is available to shoppers where they’re at and when they’re ready to listen?  Do you want shoppers to hear your story and understand your passion? How would you like to be able to do all these things with measurable results? And just might be fun in the process?!!

Partner With Fresh Look Foods For a Fresh Approach.

In my 15+ years in the business I’ve worked in or with just about every aspect of natural, organic and specialty foods – on the sales floor, in the back room, product conception to production to distribution, sales, marketing and demos.  I am passionate about this industry, I’ve put my heart and soul into it.  I’ve seen a disconnect between consumer, producer and retailer and have created Fresh Look Foods to begin to bridge that gap

It’s Time To Try Something New To Reach New Shoppers Where They Are And When They’re Interested.

At Fresh Look Foods we are peeling back the layers of confusion and overwhelm for shoppers.

  • Connect with our audience of motivated shoppers who want to transition from conventional, highly processed foods to Natural and Organic products. 
  • Introduce your products to the tried and true natural shopper.
  • Have one more way to connect with store employees who can be your greatest advocates.

Our mission is to bridge the aisle between consumers and your brand or store.  We’ll take the mystery out of shopping for healthier products by bringing understanding to conventional vs natural & organic, special diets, pricing, and attribute symbols. We’ll tell the stories behind the products to create connection and loyalty to your brand.

Our aim is to Nourish our community with better food choices, Empower them to take control of their shopping choices, and Entertain them to keep them interested and coming back for more!

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Take the next step… with Fresh Look Foods


Join us……we’ll learn and share and have some fun along the way!

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