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You want to switch from overly processed and unhealthy foods to products that are made from natural ingredients. But, you feel bombarded with so many products, label claims, and buzzwords. And what brands can you trust??? Would you like to have a place to go where you can learn about natural and organic products to replace your old favorites?

Fresh Look Foods can help you make healthier food choices!

There’s light at the end of the grocery aisle! Fresh Look Foods is an on-line community for shoppers, brands, and grocers. Our mission is to shed some light on natural, organic, minimally processed foods vs. conventional, artificial, and highly processed foods.

Where I started my grocery experience + education

I started my grocery store education as a wee tot.. The grocery store and kitchen were my mother’s domain. I was NEVER going to be like my mom! I was different and passionate about much more “important” issues. Consequently, I was determined to have a career outside the home – especially not in the kitchen! Yeah, not so much. I unexpectedly, but now delightedly, came around full circle. Ultimately, I was drawn into the kitchen, shopping the grocery aisles, working behind the scenes, and on the road discovering what the grocery industry is all about. I thrive right where my mother was happy, the grocery store. Particularly in Natural + Organic grocery stores. I’ve seen and experienced the great communication gaps in the industry between the shopper, the brand and the store. By offering Fresh Look Foods, I’m determined to bridge those gaps in a fun, and easily understandable way.

about-berriesI grew up eating farm to table. Intrigued by new products hitting the grocery shelves, my mother started trying out easy and convenient foods. As a result, our gardens got smaller, and our cupboards filled up with bright cans and packages. But I always knew where my food came from. For this reason-and because I came of age in the “granola” age- I raised my two daughters avoiding processed and artificial foods. Through many years and a few job changes, I eventually ended up working in just about all aspects of the grocery industry. Now I combine years of experience and a passion for good food, with a spicy attitude and hungry curiosity. I have realistic expectations around making changes in our lives so there’s no judgement! I’m here to help you understand this daily necessity in our lives – grocery shopping.

Fresh Look Foods is ready to change your “mystery shopper” experiences to “empowered shopper” experiences. You’ll be nourished by making healthy food choices and supporting brands using real ingredients. We tell the stories about producers who are building their brands on missions and values that are important to you, your health, your community, and our planet.

I invite you to join our on-line community. We’ll feed you product reviews and more in-depth details about products and the stories behind the brands. We share information to help you become a savvy and healthy shopper. Join us on this adventure in the aisles!

Join us……we’ll learn and share and have some fun along the way!

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